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Risks When Buying a Short-Sale Home

July 29, 2014

If you are looking to buy a home at a significant reduction in price, you might have heard about pursuing a short sale. A short sale can occur when a homeowner can no longer pay the mortgage and wants to sell the property for less than the amount currently owed on the loan. This tactic […]

Equity Position Improvements

July 22, 2014

Another sign of an improving economy — an improvement in the equity position of U.S. households. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently released data showing that homeowners are continuing to regain the equity in their homes they lost during the housing crisis that began in 2007. In its analysis of the data, CoreLogic found […]

Speculation Abounds on Mortgage Applications

July 15, 2014

The Mortgage Bankers Association’s Purchase Index keeps tabs on the rate that people are applying for mortgages, and that number can give economists some insight into what’s going on within the market. The first half of 2014 saw the numbers falling, corresponding with a slower-than-expected recovery in home sales during first quarter. But then over […]

Easy Ways to Increase Home Value

July 9, 2014

Whether you are planning to put your house on the market or you just want to grow your investment in your home, there are a number of simple ways you can increase your home’s value without tackling a large remodeling project. Inspect Your HomeTypically buyers will request an inspection of your home. Beat them to […]

Leading Markets Continue to Improve

July 1, 2014

Although it’s been slow, the economy does continue to improve, and along with it the housing market. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and First American Title Insurance Co. produce a “Leading Markets Index” (LMI), which uses single-family housing permits, house prices and employment levels in various metro markets to measure how close to […]