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How You Can Get The Most From Your Homeowners

October 16, 2012

Part 1: Be Prepared Not Surprised When Disaster (or Damage) Strikes   1. Review Your Policy Every Year Life changes and market changes can impact your home insurance policy — everything from having a baby to declining property values may mean the insurance policy you have in place should be adjusted. Kiplinger’s 10 Reasons Your Insurance […]

Why Indoor Plants Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

October 10, 2012

How To Improve The Smell and Quality of The Air In Your Home  Indoor plants offer more than just visual appeal — they can make your home more fragrant, improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollution. Plants make your home smell nice There are a variety of low-maintenance indoor plants that will bring the scents […]

For the Birds

October 4, 2012

p> Well, the weather outside seems to be cooling down, and animals are preparing for colder winter months. You can help them with these great homemade bird and squirrel feeders. Hang a few of them in your trees and around your yard, and you’ll be sure to have entertainment all winter as you watch your […]