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3 Ways To Make Your Floor Pop

August 28, 2012

How Shape, Texture and Color Can Make A Difference  1. It’s not your granddaddy’s hardwood The Jamie Beckwith Collection of innovative wood flooring plays with pattern, texture and color in wood flooring to create interesting and gorgeous floors. 2. Put a cork in it Especially well-suited to rooms that see a lot of activity, cork […]

3 Problems Paint Primer Can Solve

August 14, 2012

Most home DIY-ers know that if you want to turn your ivory walls red, you’d be best served priming the walls first. Paint primer has other uses in your home, too — things you should consider the next time you get an itch to change up the colors in your home. 1. Mildew It’s true. […]

5 Apps Every Homeowner or Renter Should Have

August 7, 2012

1. What’s in your house? Knowing what you have in your house can be invaluable when disaster strikes — with modern technology, it’s easy to do. Both MyHome, a smartphone app available for iPhone and Android, and WYO Home Inventory, a free program (Windows) help you inventory the contents of your home. 2. How’s your […]

3 Ways To Tell If Your Appliances Have Reached Their Expiration Date

August 1, 2012

1. Take the Kiplinger quiz Kiplinger surveyed industry experts, trade associations and retailers to find out just how long you should expect home appliances to last — take their quiz and see how well you do when judging the lifespan of the things in your home. Check out their slideshow “Save $50 A Day: Utilities + […]