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What Would 2011 Be Like If There’d Been No Steve Jobs?

August 31, 2011

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple’s CEO, after changing the way we live forever Most people under the age of 30 probably won’t believe this, but Apple did not invent the portable music player (that would have been Sony, in 1979, with something called the “walkman”). Nor did Apple invent the laptop, the tablet, or the cell phone. […]

Transforming Adversity Into Success

August 24, 2011

Is Entrepreneurship The Answer to Today’s Hard Times?    Small business advice, books, websites, education, blogs, and TV shows are popping up faster than ever. Just last week Huffington Post launched HuffPost Small Business, “an all-new destination for entrepreneurs to learn, grow and engage with one another.”  As Thom Ruhe, director of entrepreneurship for the […]

Blockbusters and Bombs

August 17, 2011

How This Summer Movies Stack Up This summer had a roster of several highly anticipated, very buzzed about movies. Arguably the most anticipated movie of the summer — from the same director as Iron Man- Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford- a western about aliens— Cowboys and Aliens came in with a less than stellar performance. […]

Not Just Two Pieces of Bread and Some Filling

August 10, 2011

Where to Find America’s Best Sandwiches   Sandwiches are a long-standing tradition — rumored to have been invented, or at least coined, by the inveterate gambler, the Earl of Sandwich, in the 18th century to enable him to eat while keeping one hand free to hold his cards.   From those early days, the not-so-humble […]

Now The Soundtrack of Your Life

August 3, 2011

There’s an App For That Almost a century ago, Marcel Proust noted the power that scent has to evoke memories, even when nothing else might. As he wrote in Remembrance of Things Past, “taste and smell alone, more fragile but more enduring… bear unflinchingly, in the tiny and almost impalpable drop of their essence, the […]