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Spring Means Green (Markets)

April 27, 2011

  End of Winter Spells Start of Fresh Produce Spring is the season when the branches turn from barren to budding, the weather turns from bitter to balmy, and farmers markets start popping up around the country. Seasonal, fresh produce is the focus of “green markets,” where local farms and purveyors specialize in natural, organic […]

Your Life Goes Mobile

April 20, 2011

  Top Smartphone Apps for Just About Everything Truth in advertising may never have been more in evidence than the now oft-repeated phrase, first heard in AT&T’s iPhone commercial: “there’s an app for that.” Apple’s website touts that there are over 350,000 apps in its iPhone App Store, while reportsthat there are about 88,000 […]

(Almost) No One Called This One

April 13, 2011

  How little is .00003%? Whether or not you are a sports fan, a March Madness Maniac, a college basketball aficionado, or just someone who loves a good yarn, this year’s NCAA Championship Tournament brought a whole new meaning to the term “Cinderella Story.” “March Madness” is the marketing term coined by the minds responsible […]

2011: The Streaming, Green, Mobile, 4G Year

April 6, 2011

  Trends in Technology That Will Impact Consumers   [1]The past 10 years have seen significant technological advances and shifts. In the US, the number of cell phones in use more than doubled from a mere 109 million in 2000 to 262 million in 2008.  Walkmans have been replaced with iPods. Once upon a time, […]